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Variety(6)  Salt & Pepper Grinder Refills

Individual Grinder Refills.  Salt & Peppercorns.  Price per refill.


*Malabar Black Peppercorns : Black Peppercorns are an essential seasoning highly aromatic with sharp, pungent flavor that complements a wide variety of foods. They can be used whole, cracked or ground to the desired size.

Ingredients: Unrefined Malabar Peppercorns


*Premium Tellicherry Peppercorns : Black Tellicherry Peppercorns come from the western Malabar Coast of southern India. Grown on the sunny slopes of Mt. Tellicherry, these peppercorns are left on the vine longer, allowing them to grow larger and develop a rich, clean, aromatic flavor with deeper citrus and floral notes.

Ingredients: Unrefined Tellicherry Peppercorns


*Gourmet 4-Blend Peppercorns : Our Four-Peppercorn Blend is a colorful and multi-layered mixture of black, white, green and pink peppercorns. Black Peppercorns are an essential seasoning:highly aromatic with a sharp, pungent flavor that complements a wide variety of foods. They can be used whole, cracked or ground to the desired size. Green Peppercorns are harvested and dried before they reach maturity, and hence, have a lighter, fresher, more herbal flavor that Black Peppercorns. White Peppercorns offer a slightly different flavor from black peppercorns, sharper and spicy with a slightly fruity and mildly fermented flavor. Tiny, rose-hued Pink peppercorns are highly aromatic and boast a peppery flavor with fruity, floral undertones.


*Coarse Brazillian Sea Salt : Harvested from the purest saltwater and is sea salt the way nature intended- natural, clean and fresh. Seawater is naturally filtered and then solar evaporated, leaving the beautiful, white salt grains behind. The crisp, clean-tasting grains are completely natural and additive-free, making Brazilian Sea Salt the ideal, wholesome replacement for your everyday table salt.

Ingredients: Unrefined Brazillian salt


*Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt : This unrefined mineral salt is harvested using traditional methods from ancient deposits that lie deep beneath the Himalayan Mountains. Its beautiful pink color can naturally vary from almost white to a deep rose and indicates its generous supply of trace elements and minerals that nourish the body. The medium grain of this mineral salt is perfect for those who wish to grind it fresh using a salt mill or for marinating larger cuts of meat. Uses: A true all-purpose salt; use to enhance the flavor of all of your dishes

Ingredients: Unrefined mineral salt


*Salt & Pepper Blend : Super simple & convenient, this perfectly blended balance of salt & pepper can be used for all cooking.

Ingredients:  Unrefined sea salt, black peppercorns

Made in United States of America

Variety(6) Salt & Pepper Grinder Refills

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