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Pure Raw Honey

Smooth and sweet pure raw Iowa honey.  Our honey is unpasteurized. We uncap our honey and then strain it so as not to damage any of the nutrients contained in our honey. (Over wintered honey however has been warmed to no more than 110 degrees to just uncrystallized it.  All honey will eventually granulate, but does not spoil. Just put your container in very warm water until it has uncrystallized. (May take 2 times to get completely liquid again.)


Pure Raw Honey

  • Also available in Creamed Honey: Creamed Honey is a process of controlled crystallization to which we add flavorings to give our Gourmet Flavored Creamed Honey a delightful taste, and a smooth spreadable consistency.

    Try all of our delicious flavors of honey:Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry.


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