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Coffee Candy

(5.3 oz bag)

Bali’s Best Coffee Candy is deliciously dark, rich, and intense. Coffee connoisseurs prize the Sumatra coffee we use in our candy for its full body, smoothness and well-balanced acidity. In fact, the prominent sweet and woody notes emerge in the bold aroma the moment you open the wrapper. So pack some in your bag, place in your reception area, and take a refreshing coffee break anytime you feel like it.

  • The Original Coffee Candy
  • Made with real Sumatran coffee from the islands of Java
  • Rich, creamy & smooth
  • Candies individually foil-wrapped for freshness


BALI’S BEST COFFEE CANDY:  Cane Sugar, Glucose, Milk Powder, Coffee Extract, Natural Coffee Flavor, Coconut Oil, Salt, Caramel


Coffee Candy

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